iOS/Android show image instead of 3D after recognition

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asked Jul 10, 2017 by defos931 (220 points)
Hi, is it possible to show an image insteat of a 3D render or instead of a video when the target is recognised?


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answered Jul 10, 2017 by albert52 (31,850 points)
of is easier.
commented Jul 11, 2017 by defos931 (220 points)
How? With the video demo?
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answered Jul 11, 2017 by kenn (18,750 points)

If you are using 3D engines like Unity, it will be pretty easy.

And if not, generally you need to (if you are using OpenGL ES 2.0, like the samples)

  1. load the image into memory
  2. upload it to GPU through gl callings
  3. render the texture using gl callings and shaders

You may need to learn some OpenGL ES 2.0 basics if you are not familiar with that, and you will find it very easy when you know how to render a texture into 3D space.

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