White screen when reopen the camera on Android Native APP

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asked Aug 29, 2018 by adver2play (120 points)

We have developed an Android Native App witth Easy AR and when we open AR for the first time everithing works fine but when go back to the menu and access again to the AR then a white screen appears. We have checked the permissions and it seems that they are granted.

Can anybody help us?

Thank you


1 Answer

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answered Aug 31, 2018 by albert52 (31,830 points)
1. Mobile phone model
2. System version
3.Is there a detailed log?
commented Aug 31, 2018 by adver2play (120 points)
Finally we fixed the problem. We were opening the cammera after making some code in a new activity and It has to be the first thing.

commented Dec 13, 2018 by jiayin (530 points)
Hi, I'm facing the same issue. May I know how you solve it?
Mine is when open the app, it's white screen.
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