Camera does not work with Unity 6 because of the changes made with URP 17

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asked May 12 by jmcgee12 (140 points)
With Unity 6 and URP 17, they have made changes to the scriptable render pipeline. As a result, the Unity plugin for EasyAR, as of version 4.6.3, does not work. I believe it has something to do with the change in camera command buffers not being manually executed anymore...Or maybe it has something to do with the RenderGraph. The camera is just a black screen with two continually updated warnings. Here are the warnings:

Your project uses a scriptable render pipeline. You can use Camera.AddCommandBuffer only with the built-in renderer.
UnityEngine.Camera:AddCommandBuffer (UnityEngine.Rendering.CameraEvent,UnityEngine.Rendering.CommandBuffer)
easyar.CameraImageRenderer:UpdateCommandBuffer (UnityEngine.Camera,UnityEngine.Material,bool) (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.easyar.sense/Runtime/Device/CameraImage/CameraImageRenderer.cs:278)
easyar.CameraImageRenderer:OnFrameUpdate (easyar.OutputFrame) (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.easyar.sense/Runtime/Device/CameraImage/CameraImageRenderer.cs:231)
easyar.ARSession:UpdateSession () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.easyar.sense/Runtime/Workflow/ARSession.cs:356)
easyar.EasyARController:Update () (at ./Library/PackageCache/com.easyar.sense/Runtime/EasyARController.cs:241)

RecordRenderGraph is not implemented, the pass easyar.EasyARCameraImageRendererFeature+CameraImageRenderPass won't be recorded in the current RenderGraph.
UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)

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