Professional license not working on .aab and .obb?

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asked Aug 19, 2021 by dimaswisodewo (250 points)
Hi, I already bought the pro license and my app is working fine on iOS. It's working fine too in Android if I build it in .apk, the watermark is also gone.

Since my app size is about 150 mb, I need to keep it below 100 mb to upload it to store. I tried upload it in .aab but the watermark is visible even though I use the pro license. Then I tried to split it to .obb and the watermark is also visible. Are there anything I can do to make the pro license working in .aab or .obb?

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answered Aug 19, 2021 by dimaswisodewo (250 points)
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Sorry, it is already working in .obb. I forgot to update my app first in store lol.
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