EasyAR Unity SDK 3.0.1 not working on some devices when built with aab

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asked Aug 6, 2019 by ideasfarm (520 points)
I cannot get easy ar SDK to build an app correctly when building aab (my client requires aab since the app gets too big). When building the app in aab mode easyar seems to not include the required libraries for x86_64 devices.

My project contains a newly imported version of the 3.0.1 sdk, and the android native libraries there are arm64-v8a (directory), armeabi-v7a (directory) and a EasyAR (jar file).

The offending device installs the arm64-v8a libEasyAR.so and the other arm64-v8a libraries. When compiling the project in aab, this device doesn't get the libEasyAR.so library some times, resulting in a black screen. Also, some times, instead of failing to find the library, the app reports an invalid key.

If you guys need more information in order to reproduce the issue, please contact me at my user email.

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answered Aug 7, 2019 by floculture (220 points)
edited Aug 7, 2019 by floculture
Happens to me aswell but only fails on find libEasyAR.so from arm64v8a folder...
commented Aug 7, 2019 by ideasfarm (520 points)
I'm having to build a heavy apk because of this. Supporting 3 processors is really heavy using an apk.

I think they just messed up the export configuration...
commented Aug 7, 2019 by ideasfarm (520 points)
Just checked here, I'm having the exact same problem. All devices with the arm8a 64 bits fail. They can't find the libEasyAR.so file.
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answered Oct 30, 2019 by tobiwovr (240 points)
We experience the same issue! This is a huge problem because Google Playstore only supports APKs up to 100 MB for release. Every App exceeding this limit is required to use AAB (Android App Bundle). And building App Bundle causes the license to fail...
Please fix this asap! Easy AR is unusable for android releases in this stage.
commented Jun 23, 2020 by koshur (170 points)
We are facing the same issue! Is there a fix for this? We are stuck with this issue.
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answered Jun 23, 2020 by koshur (170 points)
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We were able to fix this. Initialize the Engine class with initializeWithoutSoLibraryLoad instead of initialize method. Load the library before using this class like below.

Engine.initializeWithoutSoLibraryLoad() ...


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answered Jun 22, 2021 by imjungkyu (200 points)

For me, fixed it by below information.

gradle - Android App Bundle (only) - native library failed to load - Stack Overflow

add below to your gradle.properties file.

android.bundle.enableUncompressedNativeLibs = false
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answered Jun 24, 2021 by kenn (18,750 points)
AAB compatibility issue has been fixed in version 4.0.0. If you come into this thread with the same problem, it is suggested to first use the latest EasyAR Sense release.

For older versions, some workaround here may work, but not suggested except in some rare cases when you are not able to perform an upgrade.

New users is suggested to switch to latest version directly. You are not able to create license key older than 4.0 right now. If similar issues happen again, please report it as a new issue.
commented Feb 2, 2022 by dipanshubajaj (180 points)
Still having the same issue. I am using EasyAR PRO latest
commented Feb 8, 2022 by kenn (18,750 points)
No, not the same issue.

Noticed your email, we will keep tracking.
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