Any Tutorial and Examples available about Easy Webar??

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asked Dec 17, 2018 by grissankara (690 points)
I need some tutorial about webar and How to add 3d model in image WebAR

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answered Dec 18, 2018 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)

We only have Chinese version of WebAR tutorial at present and we will release English version soon.

There are two ways to load the model: local loading and url loading

Local loading: The model can be placed under a local file, and the model can be displayed via the threeHelper.loadObject ("local model full path") method.

URL loading: first place your model on the server, then save the URL in the Meta file. After the identification is successful, the model address will be retrieved from Meta.

Thank you!
commented Jun 21, 2019 by salocinx (120 points)
Hi. Is the English tutorial meanwhile available? Could you please post a link? Thanks.
commented Dec 29, 2020 by sagustsson (140 points)
any english version available yet?
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