Failed to load target on start

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asked Dec 6 by jiayin (330 points)
reshown Dec 6 by zhnagjian

Anyone can help? What is the problem? When I test, the camera is not activated. Becomes black screen.

Failed to load target on start

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answered Dec 6 by zhnagjian (1,200 points)

You need to check that your camera is connected and change the contents of option Graphics APIs to OpenGLES2 .

I hope my solution can help you.

Thank you!
commented Dec 6 by jiayin (330 points)

Yes, the camera light is on. Already change Graphics APIs to OpenGLES2. But screen is black.
commented Dec 6 by zhnagjian (1,200 points)
Have you run the sample of the EasyAR  official website? Is this also the case?

And  it would be nice if you sent me a screenshot of the interface.
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answered Dec 11 by stormfellcanada (140 points)
It could be that the Easy AR licence has expired,
commented 5 days ago by jiayin (330 points)
I manage to load it now. But when I try to install the apk, when open the app, it becomes white screen. Any idea please?
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