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asked Sep 12, 2017 by leogugman (170 points)
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Is this new version 2.1.0 support a customizable frame feeder to use my own video source?



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answered Sep 12, 2017 by leogugman (170 points)
Ok, i answer myself,  i'd read another thread more deeply and the customizable frame feeder is not in this release...

I'm making my project with another sdk for this issue, it's sad for me, the easyAR  3D object recognition is very very inteligent and impresive but i have to work with an another image recognition tech' instead of it:(

If an update come in the next days it can be super great, all my project have two versions , one easyAR with 3Dtracker another with the other SDK image recognition, both ready to use but the easyAR project still need the custom frame feeder. (i use a copyPixel of a videostream to feed the other SDK).

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