Black screen on android device

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asked Sep 9, 2018 by valenchica (260 points)
I'm using Easy AR for augmented reality app for android.

I'm using EasyAR_SDK_2.2.0_Basic_Unity  with Unity 2018.2.7f1 (64-bit). When i export the scene and open in android device, this stay in black screen and nothing happens

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answered Sep 9, 2018 by ngc6543 (1,660 points)
commented Sep 11, 2018 by valenchica (260 points)
Thank u for this information
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answered Oct 30, 2018 by kenn (6,250 points)
EasyAR SDK 2.3.0/2.2.1 have been released. They are compatible with Unity 2018. You can get it from EasyAR website. You may need to refresh the webpage if you didn't see them.

Additional For MacOS, because Unity 2018 use Metal by default, you may also need to change the settings to use OpenGL Core. Look at Unity title bar and make sure there is OpenGL instead of Metal.

BTW, we are working on a perfect solution in EasyAR SDK 3.0, which will use the most of Unity features instead of a custom renderer. We will make the whole EasyAR Unity Plugin open source.
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