EAsy AR v1.0 limitations or Is it free for app development? If no then pricings

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asked Jun 27, 2017 by vishalsingh4997 (120 points)

Hello there,
I have been  developing an app in unity  which uses a camera prefab to
detect.I have signed up on your website and created a key for my
application .
There were two options on the page 1. Easy AR SDK v2.0 key and 2.Easy
Ar SDK v1.0 key.  I tried 2.0 key but it didn't detected and I ended
up with "invalid key" , I tried v1.0 key and it works like a charm. I
don't want pro feature still I want to ask what are the "limitations
with EasyAR v1.0 and its pricing and last one is that how much amount
of times did I get to use with my app.

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answered Jul 7, 2017 by kenn (7,610 points)
Well, I need to paste a lot of unreleased docs to explain all things clearly, so I would suggest to wait a few more days for the doc to be online.

Some short answers here,

1. key should be used with the right version, and the right edition.

2. EasyAR SDK 1.0 is free, no limitations.

3. EasyAR SDK 2.0 Basic is free, no limitations.

4. EasyAR SDK 2.0 Basic is the upgraded version of EasyAR SDK 1.0, with a lot of bug fixes, suggest to use this.
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