ImageTarget Position/coordinates at the screen.

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asked Jul 10, 2018 by derzuomaia (1,190 points)
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I have 4 questions that are basically the same. I'm using EasyAR for Android SDK.

1) How can I get the ImageTarget Position/coordinates relative to the screen?

2) How can I obtain the x,y,z coords of an object (ImageTarget) after the matrix transformations?

3) If I have an x,y coord of the screen (like from a click) how can I know if this x,y coord is inside my target?

4) How can I convert an x,y screen coord to a x,y,z coord from the OpenGL? Vice-versa?

There are several questions on this FAQ about this same topic that I'm asking, but none of them are answered, that's why I'm asking again. Look at this questions:

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