can EasyAR Dense Spatial Map implemented on Android Studio by Java?

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asked Feb 1, 2022 by ductrungk9haui (120 points)
I try to build the AR Android App which have EasyAR Dense Spatial Map function.

I have tried the sample code on Unity. It's pretty nice.
But I didnt have any experient on Unity so I have question that Can I do it on Android Studio by Java and I will very happy if you can let me know where is the documents for the tutorial or any sample code for it?

Thank you

1 Answer

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answered Feb 9, 2022 by kenn (18,750 points)
Technically, yes.

But when you want to see what you have seen in Unity, you have a lot of extra works to do, and usually I would not recommend doing so. Try Unity before going too far if you are not familiar with 3D (not AR) engines.
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