Adding image to tracking at runtime

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asked Nov 7, 2021 by ninetell (150 points)

In my Unity project I am using EasyAR and ARFoundation, and currently when I need to add a new image for tracking, I use components and logic specific to each AR provider (ImageTargetController for EasyAR and ARTrackedImageManager with its MutableRuntimeReferenceImageLibrary for ARFoundation). I would like to know if EasyAR 4.4 has a unified interface that allows you to add tracking images at runtime, or do I still need to manage it myself?

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answered Nov 8, 2021 by kenn (17,610 points)
selected Nov 9, 2021 by ninetell
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I'm afraid there is no unified interface for now.

It is an interesting use case. Looks like you are using both EasyAR and AR Foundation for image tracking, and I am curious about when do you use EasyAR and when the other, or if they are used at the same time for some reason. Would you like to share your usage?
commented Nov 8, 2021 by ninetell (150 points)
Thanks for your reply! We use EasyAR to track images on devices that do not support ARCore / ARKit and ARFoundation on devices that support
commented Nov 8, 2021 by kenn (17,610 points)
I see. So why not use EasyAR on all devices? I believe those devices running ARCore or ARKit can run EasyAR, too.
commented Nov 9, 2021 by ninetell (150 points)

Yes, I believe EasyAR can work on any device that ARFoundation can run on. But we've done some tracking tests, and on iOS, ARKit provides more stable tracking. EasyAR works pretty well on Android based on my experience, so maybe we should really use it on every Android device.

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