WebGL build; actually possible?

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asked Oct 25 by jaggededge (130 points)
I've searched the net and seen countless questions about EasyAr/WebGL builds failing with the dlopen/Emscripten error, yet I can find no definitive answer. Even on this EasyAR forum a couple of questions are asked and no definite answer given. My app works well with EasyAR 3 running on the Unity editor but I can't get past the dlopen error, can I ask firstly, is  Easy AR actually possible on a WebGL app?

And secondly, if it is then could we have a how-to guide to make this work. The suggestions so far either suggest to dabble with Emscripten or create a  Unity camera with Open GL ES 2 or 3, I'm dizzy from all the suggestions.

Can it be done?

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answered Oct 25 by kenn (15,150 points)
No. EasyAR Sense does not run on Web. Unity does not do the magic.
commented Oct 26 by jaggededge (130 points)

I did feel this was the case, but answers like this muddle things:


As my app just uses basic image tracking I had some hope, but an official NO it won't work and can't be made to work might at least put an end to these queries.

commented Oct 26 by kenn (15,150 points)
Well, there is no technical errors in both threads. You can use EasyAR CRS service by directly use the service API, and it is true it can be used in Unity.

There are always questions without usage descriptions, and what we can do is to provide possibilities, you need to choose what is usable according to your context.
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