Problems with use of memory on HelloARCSharp.

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asked Oct 15, 2021 by guillermobarreiro (120 points)


I am tring to get the image projection matrix on the HelloARCSharp example. This is the code that I wrote:

var frame = oFrame.Value.AddToAutoRelease(ar);
if (!frame.inputFrame().hasCameraParameters()) { return; }

var image = frame.inputFrame().image();
var width = image.width();
var height = image.height();

var cameraParameters = frame.inputFrame().cameraParameters();
float viewportAspectRatio = (float)width / (float)height;
Matrix44F imageProjection = cameraParameters.imageProjection(viewportAspectRatio, screenRotation, true, cameraHorizontalFlip);

I believe that I have to release an object because the use of memory increase linearly.

I tried to add to AutoRelease the image or cameraParameters but it doesn't work.

Can anyone help me, thank you.


1 Answer

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answered Oct 15, 2021 by kenn (18,750 points)

Dispose everything that are disposable when goes out of scope.

And try not cascade like frame.inputFrame().cameraParameters(), you are missing a chance to dispose InputFrame.

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