Unity Remote using Android Device's Camera in Play Mode

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asked Sep 15, 2021 by alisimsoft (160 points)
Hello, I'm trying EasyAR for a project in my company. We plan on using Surface Tracking and Spatial Mapping features. I am trying to use Unity Remote for Spatial Mapping Ball Game(for example) but Video Camera Device only sees web cam of my laptop and won't run voi cam or Surface Tracker. I am trying to run it in scene mode so that I can see what is happening in scene (For example I want to spawn cubes not balls andI don't want to throw them but position them on the surface I touch, so I need to see the scene elements and figure out how to put it there when there is a touch). Can you please show me how to do that? Or can you show me what happens when I start to Spatial Map a room and how can I get a point on that map or something.

Thanks in advance.

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answered Sep 15, 2021 by kenn (18,750 points)
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It won't work because we use not only cameras, but also other sensors on the device. And I don't think Unity Remote can provide data into EasyAR Sense in the manner we want.

But don't worry, we have a solution just designed for your usage.

There is a sample called "frame recording", you can reference that to record "eif" files, and use frame player to playback in editor. It's quite a long story to explain details, so I just past a document link here. Don't use the sample directly, the data it records won't work for all sessions. Add frame recorder and player into your scene.

One more thing, we are preparing a new version recently, which will make recording and playback much easier, and more documents are planned.

commented Sep 19, 2021 by alisimsoft (160 points)
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I am still getting "easyar.MotionTrackerCameraDevice not available" when I try to playback my record.

EDIT: Never mind, my configurations for player was wrong. It is working. Thanks
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