Surface/Motion Tracking - Get Real 1:1 object scale size

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asked Mar 18, 2021 by creartivity (210 points)
We are facing problems regarding placing markerless object, we tried:

- Surface Tracking: we got it working but the content object is scaled imprecisely and we want the object to keep a 1:1 aspect ratio from unity to the world space

- Motion Tracking: the scale issue seems resolved using motion tracking VISLAM, but the content objects are genereted mid-air (above ground) instead than on the ground, also we would like to work with iOS as well and motion tracking has not specified if it's supported by ArKit as well.

What are we asking?

What would you think could be our best attempt to get a 1:1 scaled object placed in AR on the ground?

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answered Mar 25, 2021 by easyarguxin (960 points)

Hit test against the point cloud or horizontal plane is supported in motion'tracking. You can place objects on a plane or point cloud to achieve fit,

You can see 

HelloARMotionTracking (Android only)

  • Demonstrate how to use motion tracking
commented Mar 29, 2021 by creartivity (210 points)
I still have the object placed on the plane floating above the ground.
Also is this technology coming for iOS as well?
commented Mar 31, 2021 by easyarguxin (960 points)
An object will be placed in the air when the sample is started, and then the plane can be prevented from being on the plane after the plane is detected.
Only supports Android, ARKit on ios is good enough.
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