Invalid Key Error on Android Gradle Builds

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asked Oct 25, 2019 by gixergames (120 points)

We have created two small games using EasyAR image tracking, and it works fine when we build and test it using the "Internal" Build System option in Unity's Build Settings (we are using Unity 2017.4.33f1).

However when building using the "Gradle" Build System option the camera doesn't turn on and an "Invalid Key" error appears on screen. It isn't working when we build as .apk and as .aab as well.

Gradle is necessary to publish at the Android Store, and that's why we are requiring assistance, please.

Any suggestions on what is happening? 

Ps.: We triple check the Package Name, and is working when we build with the internal option. Also we made builds for iOS and it worked fine, we even got it published in the App Store. This only happens with Android builds using gradle.

1 Answer

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answered Oct 29, 2019 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)


SDK  3.0.1  Unity 2018.4.2f1

When I test it  and using the "Gradle" Build System to build apk. It works well on my devices. So make sure the version of SDK is 3.0.1 

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