Add UI Canvas on HelloAR_Surface Tracking?

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asked Oct 18, 2019 by xanadu (120 points)
edited Oct 19, 2019 by xanadu
Unity 2019.2.3f1 and EasyAR 3.0 Basic SDK

I have loaded the HelloAR_Surface Tracking scene and everything works great. I would like to add my own UI buttons to it. I noticed the example scene does not have a UI Canvas. I am able to create a UI canvas, but the screen touches are over the buttons which resets the position of the model.

I tried disabling the touch controller script and that doesn't seem change anything. Can someone tell me where in the example scene the touch inputs are being registered?


EDIT: I figured it out -

TouchController.cs: resize target

SurfaceTrackerBehavior.cs: reset target

1 Answer

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answered Nov 14, 2019 by moaz0004 (190 points)
Can you share a video of how it looks like? Because in my device, I can only resize the cube and nothing else. How to enable/use the surface tracking?
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