No camera feed after pressing "Run" in Unity Editor

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asked Aug 12, 2017 by fotofobia (180 points)

My system is an iMac 27", 8GB Ram, 2 TB SSD

It only displays a black screen when running HelloAR tutorial.

screenshot here.

Help please.


1 Answer

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answered Aug 13, 2017 by fotofobia (180 points)
For the community:

This problem appears when starting Unity using -force-metal parameter.

Don't -force-metal and your videofeed will work fine.
commented Aug 15, 2017 by cloudapptimize (270 points)
Hi What is this Force metal option? I am able to start the video when running directly. BUt i tried to import it in different project. I am using Macbook, the camera led starts but there is blank screen only
commented Aug 15, 2017 by fotofobia (180 points)
Sometimes  you get a message in the console saying something about "Metal: editor support disabled skipping device initialization"

And that error message dissapears when you start Unity with the -force-metal parameter; unfortunately (at least in my case) it messes with my camera.
commented Sep 7, 2017 by kenn (18,750 points)
Oh, yes. EasyAR does not support metal in current versions.
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