can EasyAR combined with ARCore?

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asked Jul 30 by asepsaepudin (140 points)
I have a problem with EasyAR slam, but the image tracking is good.

I need to make an android application that can switch between image tracking and slam.

Is it posible if I use image tracking on EasyAR so it can support almost all android devices.
and when I switch it to slam, this feature can only support if devices has ARCore.

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answered Aug 2 by zhnagjian (9,340 points)
Yes, if you use slam ,the device must have ARCore.
commented Oct 5 by 72pixels (120 points)
I'm not able to integrate ARCore with Easy AR
I added the ARCore package and Easy AR in one unity project.

i took 2 scenes
  1. Image Target(Easy AR)
  2. Hello AR(ARCORE)

I build apk for android
Image Target Scene is working fine, but ARCOre (Hello AR) not working,it means not showing anything. the camera is not opening
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