Cloud subscription not renewable

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asked Jul 11, 2019 by easyar5 (120 points)

I have enough funds in my account to renew my easyAR Cloud subscription, but for some reason the subscription is not renewed. Why??

1 Answer

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answered Jul 11, 2019 by jerry-sdk (240 points)
edited Jul 12, 2019 by jerry-sdk
You could visit to renew your service.
commented Jul 12, 2019 by easyar5 (120 points)
On my account has the same balance.
Why is the cloud service not paid?
commented Jul 13, 2019 by jerry-sdk (240 points)
on site, your can follow 云识别管理 - 区域列表 - 北美1区 - 续费 - 确定, then select 余额支付 - 立即支付。
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