Turn off update of ARCamera in Unity

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asked Apr 20, 2018 by matrix211v1 (120 points)

Most of the images I'm tracking, I want the camera to move around the object by updating the position of the camera. This works correctly. However, some images I'm tracking I want it to "track" to be used as a trigger and have the 3d Object stay in the center of the screen. The issue is, the camera is still updating positions and I need to override that.

Looking at the https://www.easyar.com/doc/EasyAR%20SDK/Unity%20Plugin%20Reference/2.0/ImageTrackerBaseBehaviour.html?highlight=stoptrack it seems I can call StopTrack() and it will work but I'm not sure how to call the actual function.

How can I either override the camera position with my own set of position and rotation but still have the camera feed working OR how can I call that StopTrack() in Unity.


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