Stereo rendering

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asked Mar 6 by zamiri555 (140 points)
retagged Mar 6 by zamiri555

Does EasyAR support Stereo rendering for digital eyewear like this?

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answered Mar 6 by zhnagjian (8,020 points)

Currently we support Android, iOS, windows, mac, etc. And I don't know what brand your glasses are.

Thank you!
commented Mar 6 by zamiri555 (140 points)
no, i mean for android or ios
vuforia has it
and does EasyAR support it?
commented Mar 6 by zhnagjian (8,020 points)
EasyAR support Android, ios windows and mac.
commented Mar 7 by zamiri555 (140 points)
Yes, I know It, but does it support to split camera (like in this picture) for cardboards?
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