Switch camera (back and front)

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asked Jan 16, 2018 by m3night (930 points)

Hi albert,

I am using piece of code to switch cameras dynamically but this error happens

ARBuilder.Instance.CameraDeviceBehaviours [0].CameraDeviceType = CameraDevice.Device.Front;

`EasyAR.CameraDevice' is inaccessible due to its protection level

The code is provided in easyar unity document here:




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answered Jan 16, 2018 by m3night (930 points)

Sorry, I found the answer. The document was not updated in the link specified.

I had to change from



commented Apr 20, 2019 by samilapf (100 points)
Hello Mark,

By chance do you have the code to access front camera using easyAR in unity?

Thanks a lot!
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