How to use SLAM in unity

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asked Feb 4, 2019 by acotmediadev (130 points)

I need to activate the Slam extended tracking to track an object when my image targer is out of camera in Unity.

I have pro trial version but a can't find information about this. Could you help me?


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answered Feb 12, 2019 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)

I'm sorry that I don't reply for you in time and are you convenient to describe your needs?

Thank you!
commented Feb 12, 2019 by acotmediadev (130 points)
I need to move around the object like an extended tracking and I neet to constrain this object to a target image. Is it possible with Slam?
Thank you for the support!
commented Feb 13, 2019 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)

You can download the sample of HelloARSlam and have a try and refer to the link
commented Feb 13, 2019 by acotmediadev (130 points)
I've already tried but it doesn't work...the informations about this in the website isn't clear. But anyway thank you.
commented Nov 18, 2019 by D3m0n92 (210 points)
Any solution? (Extended tracking with slam)
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