downloaded a video on run time, And cannot play that video over image target

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asked Jan 10, 2018 by raviraj (400 points)

dynamically over run time I have downloaded a video and stored inside internal memory of the app @ app_videos/sample_video/mp4, and I have called this video from the below method in file, but its not playing it says ,,error

Error: Couldn't open file on client side; trying server side: No content provider: /data/user/0/cn.easyar.samples.helloarvideo/app_Videos/sample_video.mp4

video: /data/user/0/cn.easyar.samples.helloarvideo/app_Videos/sample_video.mp4 (-1)

JavaCode :video.openVideoFile("/data/user/0/cn.easyar.samples.helloarvideo/app_Videos/sample_video.mp4", video_renderers.get(0).texId());
please help asap.

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