Display video all over the screen not only on the target

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asked Jan 21, 2019 by zakaria (160 points)
is it possible to detect a tag and display video all over the screen not only on the target ?

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answered Jan 23, 2019 by zhnagjian (10,740 points)
Of course, I will write an English tutorial and send it to you.
commented Jan 24, 2019 by zakaria (160 points)
That will be awsome :)
actually im working with Swift but i could use any help i can get (swift or Objective-C)
commented Mar 4, 2019 by numonic (200 points)
Any way I can get this tutorial I work on mostly Android side but ios would be appreciated as well thanks.
commented Mar 4, 2019 by zakaria (160 points)
unfortunately, i didn't get a response for my question but i did some work around to make the video bigger than the tag
if that's ok with you contact me @: zakariaguebebia@gmail.com
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Have you written that tutorial ?
I would like to know how I can implement it in iOS

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answered Mar 5, 2019 by dhsgame (230 points)
edited Mar 5, 2019 by dhsgame

hello every one , i don't know my way is right or not but after done some try i found way using additive scene and play video on camera plane near , if anyone want to know comment i will share my code.

Step : 1

>> Create Empty Scene for play Fullscreen Video

>>In Empty Object take Video Player and Audio Source 

>> set Render Mode Camera near plane and set camera 

>> Aspect Ratio Fit Inside

Step : 2

>> Create script and add in same scene 

>> Setup your video player like url set , and play pause , audio source set etc use for reference my script


Step 3 : On target Detect Load Fullscreen video play scene with additive  For Example

SceneManager.LoadSceneAsync ("VideoPlayer", LoadSceneMode.Additive);

All done video play in full screen 

commented Mar 5, 2019 by zakaria (160 points)
of course we can try it
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