Script VideoPlayerBehaviour.cs does not play video

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asked Dec 18, 2017 by ljimenez2976 (120 points)
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Hi, I will try to explain as best as possible since I do not speak English.

I have a simple Plane in Unity to which I add the script VideoPlayerBehaviour.cs. When executing the application on the phone it detects the target image but the video is not played, a few seconds of audio is heard from the video but then the application shows an error message that stopped and closes. This happens with the video file in the StreamingAssets folder and also with the url of the video.

I hope you can help me.

Thank you

PD: download the HelloARVideo example and it works fine, but I want to do a project from scratch using a Plane in Unity and the script VideoPlayerBehaviour.cs

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answered Dec 29, 2017 by devguilherme (240 points)

Open the Player Settings, expand Other Settings and go to the Rendering section. Disable Multithreaded Rendering.

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Thanks is working
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answered Jul 22, 2018 by pedrinhocsa (360 points)
How did you manage to solve it? I did the tutorial that is in Chinese but my video does not play. I did everything right, there is no error, but the video does not play. I am using a cell phone with android 4.1, will that be it? I can do everything normal, I can show 3d objects. but I can not play a video. Could you send me your project by email? I'm doing a course completion job and I really need your help. 
I think the error may be in the VideoPlayerBehaviour script because when I open it has nothing, no command to play the video, in the tutorial does not say anything about this script, do you think that can be it?
my email
commented Jul 23, 2018 by ljimenez2976 (120 points)
Just uncheck the Multithreaded Rendering option. You do it in the menu Edit-> Project Settings-> Player then in the Panel Inspector expand Other Settings and unchecks Multithreaded Rendering
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