Transparent Video in Example show only half of it.

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asked Dec 1, 2017 by septiemjr (160 points)

I download EasyAR_SDK_2 from official website and run HelloARVideo project. The result show only helf of video.

original video

How to get 2 balls in AR area?

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answered Dec 1, 2017 by septiemjr (160 points)

Another example

commented Jan 4 by dedeexe (120 points)
I have a similar issue. I'm using the Video AR Example for iOS, but migrated to swift. My code show just a piece of video total area. Video Is not shrinking as in OBJ-C example. :|
Is There a hope for us?
commented Jan 4 by septiemjr (160 points)
Easy AR have 3 methods to display video. It have this issue only a transparent video. In general, a transparent video have 2 types. There are the alpha video and the green screen video.

Displaying transparent video method of easy ar assumes that we use alpha video. It cannot accept green screen video. In image, My source is green screen video. It's wrong.

If you can prepare source video in kind of alpha video. I think it possible to display properly
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