EasyAR is running with an unsupported graphics API of type -4 in Framewok iOS

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asked Dec 19, 2018 by richardroussel (520 points)

Hi, I have created an iOS framework using an export from Unity to Xcode in order to embedded it in a existing native app.

I can create the framework without EasyAR, and it can be embedded in my native app easily,

When I had EasyAR, the screen stays black (my ui is correct and the  tracking is working !!)

and I have the message :

EasyAR is running with an unsupported graphics API of type -4

I have tried EasyAR 2.3.0. and 2.2.0 same.

I guess it's not much. please help. I urgently need it

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answered Dec 19, 2018 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)

You can refer to the link https://www.easyar.com/view/questionDetails.html#67

Thank you for supporting EasyAR.
commented Dec 20, 2018 by richardroussel (520 points)
Hi, Thank you for replying.
I am well ware of that. I am already running in openGLEs2.0.

If I  try to run the EasyARAppController directly at app lunch time, I have no worries.  What I am trying to achieve is different.

I do have an existing iOS  app in which I want to include Unity.
So I need to delay the loading of Unity and EasyAR, on a button click.
It's when I have issues with Graphics API, even though my log tells me I'm using openGL ES2. already .

Please help me
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