Virtual Buttons

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asked Nov 24, 2017 by eatyourbeets (120 points)
Hello, is there any way to add virtual buttons to the scene, so that you can press and interact with them in the real world (similar to those used by Vuforia)?

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answered Nov 26, 2017 by albert52 (31,850 points)

Yes , of course.

You can refer to this tutorial :
commented Nov 28, 2017 by eatyourbeets (120 points)
Hello, thank you for answering, I've seen the link you posted but unfortunately that doesn't help me, by "Virtual Buttons" I meant something like in this video
(You don't have to touch the phone at all, you can press them directly on the physical image target)
commented Jun 9, 2018 by n3phylum (100 points)
Any real news on this?
commented Jun 13, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)
The EasyAR SDK does not currently have a similar feature
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