Cloud API Usage

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asked Nov 30, 2018 by richardroussel (520 points)

I'm happy user of EasyAR, but I need to use CRS.  What is Cloud Api Usage ?

What is difference with number of target recognition ?

Will I generate API Request, even if I don't recognise anything ?

I'm using Unity, so I cannot tell what is the api usage called behind the scene, and it's linked to how much money I will give, so I need to get clear answer on that.

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1 Answer

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answered Dec 3, 2018 by zhnagjian (8,500 points)
I'm sorry for not replying  you in time.

I guess  you're asking about API requests. When you turn on cloud recognition and it makes three requests per second until you turn off. So it doesn't matter whether you recognize the object or not.

When you build cloud recognition gallery, you need choose API usage, you can refer to the link:
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