EasyAR change CameraCalibration manually

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asked Nov 22, 2018 by raydgmbh (130 points)

I want to use EasyAR for my next project, which will require to place some AR content on top of a Studio-Camera input, captured by a capture card (blackmagic). I did some tests, and in general it works, but i am having one issue:

Due to the fact that easyAR is fed by the capture card input, not by the camera itself, it gets wrong values for the focal length of the camera. I need to override those settings manually, but i couldnt find a method or field for changing the camera calibration data in the API. Unfortunately it seems that those calibration data is used for tracking - if i try to match my camera focal length to the one the plugin gets from the capture card, everything works just fine, if i change to lower or higher focal lenghts on my cam the tracking gets bad.

Is there a way to change those settings? (CameraCalibration) I am using the Unity Plugin on a Windows machine.

Thanks a lot!

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answered Nov 26, 2018 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)

I'm sorry for not replying to you in time. For the camera focus problem, you can refer to the link


And if you have any question in the process of development, you can contact me .
commented Jul 15, 2020 by juani1 (990 points)
i'm having the same problem trying to do almost the same thing, could you give some help, that site you shared is not working anymore
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