Pose Tracking

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asked Nov 18, 2018 by majeed97 (120 points)
i would like to ask about pose tracking in EasyAR it seems that pose tracking for objects is already activated by default by EasyAR and that cause me some problems with some functionalities in my app, the thing that i am up to do is once ARCamera detects the marker and the object is launched then on tracking lost i want to move my object to be in the middle of the screen as a 2d object like for example i want to represent a video then when i lose the tracking i want my video to be moved to the middle of the screen  like any other usual video but the pose tracking keeps ruining my rotation cause it is related to the FirstTarget and i did changed my WorldCenter to Camera but now i lost my 3d looking of my object when it is on the marker also i tried to change between these two modes when tracking is found and lost but nothing changed so i think that the pose tracking affects on the rotation so if there is any way to just turn it off please help with it.

Thank you.

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