No example on Storage: App Image Target Creation

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asked Oct 22, 2017 by nicmds (420 points)
reopened Oct 23, 2017 by nicmds
Hey, friend. Thanks for the answer!

I've downloaded the demo, but it only shows how to create the targets using JSon and with the Streaming Assets methods. There's no clue inside it about how to create using the "Storage: App". :(

I've tested and with the Storage marked as Absolute, it works fine since I put a valid Path. How the Path that leads to the Persistent Data Path would look like?

Again, thanks for the attention!

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answered Oct 23, 2017 by nicmds (420 points)
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Found a way around it. I coudn't get the "App" option as a storage working at all... But what can be done is:

Open HelloARTarget and do the following edit to it:

Declaring the path before initializing the Image Target Tracking will lead to the correct Persistent Data Path and you will be able to use your Target without being dependent of the Streaming Assets.


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