[3d object tracking] 3d model (obj,mtl)

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asked Oct 22, 2017 by musasy (120 points)
edited Oct 22, 2017 by musasy


we developing 3d object tracking program (using unity3d, for webcam, laptop)...

but "Error : model faces are wrong indexed "... invalide trackable...

which part is wrong??

plz check my model file... 

(Where should I upload attachments?)
thank you...

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answered Oct 22, 2017 by albert52 (32,000 points)


I'm sorry to reply you so late.

Maybe you have a problem with the texture of your model's face.

More Details :  http://www.easyar.com/doc/EasyAR%20SDK/Guides/EasyAR-3D-Object-Tracking.html

If possible, you can upload your model and we'll help you test it.

commented Oct 23, 2017 by musasy (120 points)
where can i upload?
commented Oct 23, 2017 by albert52 (32,000 points)
Google Drive
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