Black screen on android with 2.3.0 in UNITY 2018

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asked Nov 2, 2018 by derbyquad (270 points)
reshown Nov 6, 2018 by albert52

I'm using Unity 2018.2.12f1 with EASYAR 2.3.0. When pressing the play button, the screen is black in the game window. If I turn off Occlusion Culling, the webcam image appears. Or if I turn off Dynamic Occluded on RealityPlane, it also appears.

When building to Android phone, it shows black screen where you'd expect the live camera feed to be.

I am replacing previous based Vuforia app with EasyAR, if that might have any impact?

many thanks.


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answered Nov 5, 2018 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)

I suggest that you can run Easy AR SDK 2.3.0 unity samples at first  if you were  based Vuforia  app.
commented Nov 14, 2019 by jeffreyshawkins (180 points)
Does EasyAR Supply an Occlusion shader? I've been having a problem. When I place the colluder material on the object, it shows correctly in scene view but when in game view it's black.
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answered Nov 6, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)

1. PlayerSetting --- OPenGLES2

2. Will the same problem occur when Sample runs on your phone?

3.What's your mobile phone model?

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