Error: Model faces are wrong indexed

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asked Oct 12, 2017 by carlospadotto (140 points)

i'm having trouble with the trackable object, i have imported the OBJ file, the MTL file and the texture as JPG.

when i enter in playmode the console print out this error:

  • Error: Model faces are wrong indexed!
  • UnityEngine.Debug:Log(Object)
  • EasyAR.EngineNative:Log(String)

followed by this other error:

  • Load target (False): 14 (android)  -> ObjectTracker (EasyAR.ObjectTrackerBehaviour)
  • UnityEngine.Debug:Log(Object)
  • Sample.SampleObjectTargetBehaviour:OnTargetLoad(ObjectTargetBaseBehaviour, ObjectTrackerBaseBehaviour, Boolean) (at Assets/HelloARObjectTracking/Scripts/SampleObjectTargetBehaviour.cs:36)
  • EasyAR.ObjectTargetBaseBehaviour:OnTargetLoad(ObjectTrackerBaseBehaviour, Boolean)
  • EasyAR.ObjectTrackerBaseBehaviour:OnTargetLoad(ObjectTracker, Target, Boolean)
  • EasyAR.ObjectTracker:OnLoad(IntPtr, IntPtr, Int32)
  • EasyAR.EngineNative:ezarObjectTracker_checkCallBack(IntPtr)
  • EasyAR.EngineNative:ObjectTracker_checkCallBack(IntPtr)
  • EasyAR.ObjectTracker:CheckCallback()
  • EasyAR.ObjectTrackerBaseBehaviour:Update()

i can't understand what the first error means..

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