Multiple Identical Image Target

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asked Oct 17, 2018 by konanxiao (130 points)
I want to make an AR road map builder.
To simplify the process, I will use just 2 image target those are one (image target A) is a short straight road and the other (image target B) is a corner road.
Then the user can use a bunch of image target A to build loong straight road and if needed put image target B to form a corner road.

maybe there's someone said "why don't create an image target to directly show the long road object?" this can't be done because the purpose of the app is to build a road freely wheter long or short. Also if I use multiple image target, I as the developer will stress if must assign whole image target to a same object while I didn't know how many target the user will use  ...
suppose the user will allowed to create a loong road which consist of 1000 straight parts and 6 corner, then as the developer I must prepare 1000 different image targets just to show same object and another 6 different image target to show another same corner part ...
while using 2 image target are enough to create the pattern user needed

The question is :
can I do this using EasyAR?
I didn't find any tutorial about how to create this one
thx for the help

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answered Oct 18, 2018 by zhnagjian (11,130 points)
Hello,you can try to use EasyAR  and we do not really have some tutorial.
commented Oct 18, 2018 by konanxiao (130 points)
yes, I have used EasyAR and successed making some AR apps...
but I can not figure how to show AR objects on multiple target that have identical (same) image

or maybe I must moving around without any direction clues to do this?
just do trial and error till I getting frustrated and then abandoned the project?
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