Recorder (Pro) not saving videos on my iphone

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asked Sep 23, 2018 by virtualnisvijet (180 points)
hello EasyAR i purchased PRO and have problem with ios saving recorded video to media library

When i run HelloARRecording from samples i downloaded on this site everything works fine except videos are not being saved on my phone. i added NSCameraUsageDescription cameraDesciption NSPhotoLibraryUsageDescription photoLibraryDesciption into info.plist and when i run the app with xcode on my phone i see that videos are being made

Recorder Status: FileSucceeded msg: file:///var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/59C9B6B0-6C08-4D8B-8F19-24E38F02A4A8/Documents/EasyAR_Recording_2018-09-24_05-42-50.mp4

but dont see them on my iphone

so my question is am i missing something .. how can i move the video to the media library?

ios version : 10.13.6

xcode version: 9.4.1 (9F2000)

unity version: 2018.1.1f1

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