Sample for load 3d object from HelloAR + openGL 2.0 (without Unity) ?

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asked Sep 21, 2018 by theo76 (210 points)

I'm looking for a sample of EasyAR + openGL for display 3d object such as the ''GL Box'' inside the sample ''HelloAR''. I already tried to combine with some librairies such as Rajawali or MinThreeD but unsuccesfully...

(Only examples with Unity on the FAQ, but i dont want to use it..)

If you have any idea or samples, please help me.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 24, 2018 by albert52 (31,830 points)
Do you have the basis for opengl? If not, it can be difficult to develop with EasyAR + native.
commented Sep 25, 2018 by theo76 (210 points)
I know some basis, and how works parser and render files, but i don't understand how to place my 3D object at the place of the GLBox.
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