Is there any Road-map for EasyAR ?

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asked Sep 10, 2018 by aaklebanon (200 points)
Hi, I am just wondering if there is any Road-map for EasyAR before we invest in it. for example what about extended tracking ? it will be supported or not ? in what version ? how much we should wait ??

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answered Sep 11, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)

EasyAR SDK is an Augmented Reality Engine. There are two editions, EasyAR SDK Basic and EasyAR SDK Pro. 

EasyAR SDK Basic is free for commercial use. There is no limitations or any watermarks. It supports AR based on planar target, supports smooth load and recognition for more than 1000 local targets, supports video playback based on HW codecs, supports transparent video and streaming video, supports QR code recognition, supports tracking multi-target simultaneously.

EasyAR SDK Pro is a brand-new edition introduced in EasyAR SDK 2.0. All features inside EasyAR SDK Basic are available in EasyAR SDK Pro. And there are more features compared to EasyAR SDK Basic, including 3D object tracking, SLAM, and screen recording.

EasyAR SDK Pro is not free, pricing and payment details are listed on the EasyAR SDK product page. Free trial for EasyAR SDK Pro is provided. Each app will have limited startup times every day in the trial period.

EasyAR is a cross-platform AR SDK. The following OSes are supported

  • Windows 7 and above (7/8/8.1/10)
  • Mac OS X
  • Android 4.0 and above
  • iOS 7.0 and above

More about the latest version of Android and iOS,

  • EasyAR SDK is compatiable with Android 8.0 (Android O), the latest version of Android at the point of EasyAR SDK 2.1 release
  • EasyAR SDK is compatiable with iOS 11, the latest version of iOS at the point of EasyAR SDK 2.1 release

Generally, EasyAR do not rely very much on system APIs, so if there are newer version of Android/iOS release, EasyAR will most likely work smoothly on those systems.

CPU ArchitecturesΒΆ

  • Windows: x86, x86_64
  • Mac: x86, x86_64
  • Android: armv7a, arm64-v8a
  • iOS: arm, arm64

3D Engine Support

  • GLES2
  • Unity 3D
  • More in future (build-in and extern)

Unity Compatibility

Unity 4 (4.6+), Unity 5 and Unity 2017 are all supported.

Graphics API

  • Windows: Direct3D9, Direct3D11, OpenGL2, OpenGLCore
  • Mac OS X: OpenGL2, OpenGLCore
  • Android: OpenGLES2
  • iOS: OpenGLES2

IL2CPP support

  • iOS: IL2CPP is supported since EasyAR SDK 1.0.
  • Android: IL2CPP support is not included in the official EasyAR Unity Plugin, we will add support in later versions. But if you are writing your own EasyAR Plugin for Unity, you can always enable IL2CPP support.

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