Show recognized photo message(once and disappear)

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asked Jul 7, 2017 by konrad (160 points)
Now I am struggling with actually showing some view, which should overlay the camera preview - e.g some description on photo showing only, when image is recognized(after not focus. as long as it not in focus, it should disappear)

Any ideas how i can manage to do this?

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answered Jul 11, 2017 by kenn (18,750 points)

You may show something in the 3D context, using OpenGL ES in the sample. A UIView could not be used for 3D rendering.

The camera image (preview you mentioned) is not a camera preview view, it is an OpenGL view drawing camera image using OpenGL.

You can always draw anything you like in OpenGL, reference the sample.

Or, if what you need is only display some UIView, find the code of status == easyar_TargetStatus_Tracked . That is the place you are looking for -- the image is recognized and tracked.

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