3D Modelreconition: Model does not show in Camera view.

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asked Jul 22, 2018 by studiodeussen (120 points)

I tried your 3D Object recognition sample: HelloARObjectTracking using Unity3D 2018.1.  I can get the object reconition to work.  The target is loaded.  I can also see in the scene view that the 3D Model of the Hexagon that is attached to the ObjectTarget is turnend on.  However the Hexagon Model does not become visible in the Gameview.  It looks like it is positionend statically inside of a white box somewhere else in the scene.

Do you know what is the problem here?

I appreciate your reply.



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answered Jul 22, 2018 by pedrinhocsa (360 points)
Envia alguma imagem para ajudar. está muito abstrato sua explicação
commented Jul 23, 2018 by studiodeussen (120 points)
Hi thanks for your comment.  Anyway, you can write this to me in english?
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