100 trackers with single img VS single tracker with 100 imgs

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asked Jul 18, 2018 by sophour (520 points)

Having this my issue resolved, thanks to ngc6543, I'm now curious what gives better performance: say, 100 trackers with single target image attached to each one or a single tracker with 100 target images attached to it?This must have been determined by what's under the hood of the SDK... Unfortunately I don't have time for experiments, so maybe someone have tested this already, haven't anyone? That would have been great, if someone shared the results...
(Tho, I know that only 4-6 targets are tracked smoothly at the same time on mobile device, and, perhaps, instantiation of 100 GO-trackers is a bad idea if only 4-6 of them are actually active at any given moment..)

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answered Jul 18, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)
selected Jul 24, 2018 by sophour
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Your understanding is correct. How you choose a tracker is mainly related to your project.

The main difference between the two solutions is that with single tracker, you can track a pre-set number of targets simultaneously from the target set, but you cannot control which one can be always tracked even if it is in the scene, because the detect order is random. But with multiple tracker, you can assign a target to a tracker that always track one target, so it will always be detected and tracked when it is in the scene.

The multi-tracker solution has no performance impact compared to the single tracker solution. The performance is related to the total number of tracked targets only.

commented Jul 24, 2018 by sophour (520 points)
What a brilliant answer! Thank you a lot!
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