Scan Times on CRS are too high

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asked Jul 11, 2018 by sbeck27 (700 points)
Dear Team,

I am testing the Cloud Regonition Example with the trial option to use 500 Scans / day.
I check the number of scan times online in the Developer Center under the Statistical Analysis Button.

The scan times are really high (yesterday I tested for a bit and scan times are 2800). No one else is using the app, only me. How can this be?

Thanks for your help,


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answered Jul 11, 2018 by albert52 (31,850 points)

The number of EasyAR CRS scans is calculated based on the number of calls to the interface. This means that statistics are made whether the image is recognized or not. EasyAR CRS offers two charging models:1. Scan times, 2. DAU   

You can buy the service according to your needs.

1. Scan times:It mainly refers to the number of calls to the interface

2.DAU:DAU usually counts the number of users who log in or use a product in a single day (removing users who are repeatedly logged in). Similarly, in EasyAR CRS, DAU refers to the number of users who use the AR function in your APP, not the app itself.

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Hi Albert thanks for the answer.
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answered Jul 16, 2018 by sbeck27 (700 points)
Hi Albert,
thanks for your quick response. I have 3 follow up questions:

- Do the calls to the interface which do not lead to a recognition also count and I have to pay them?

- As soon as the Image is tracked, how can I stop the app to call the interface?

- Can I change the rate of calling the interface, such that the number decreases?

Thanks and greetings, Sven
commented Aug 8, 2018 by webcore (120 points)
Hi Sven, did you find the answers for your question? I have the same questions here :)
Thanks! Fernando
commented May 29, 2020 by bhaktimonsterar (120 points)
Regarding to your second question, you can stop the calls using

cloudRecognizer.enabled = false;
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