Is it dumb to not use Unity for AR?

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asked Aug 15, 2017 by teovogel (220 points)
I actually have a working demo with the render library JPCT where it can be rendered a 3D model over a marker.

What are the limitations of not using Unity moving foward more complex apps? I think that Unity has a performance penalty over older Android devices, is that a thing? License problems? (the "Unity" loading screen bothers me a little bit haha)

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answered Aug 16, 2017 by sanket (300 points)


You are absolutely right, Unity application requires heavy processing power.

You can develop native Android application just using Android Studio. There are many SDK including ARToolkit(Open source) and other including Easy AR  provide Android lib

Here is advantage of Easy AR which provides Java as well as C++ code 

But in following cases Unity3D is more useful:

  • Cross platform app dev
  • 3D Models and interactions are more in application
  • Need Particle effects like fire etc
  • Object based rendering and animation
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