Creating an indicator to see the spawning object's position before instantiating.

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asked Jan 15, 2023 by byarbyar (130 points)

I am using the 4.5.0 version of the Easy AR Unity plug-in. I am working on a surface tracking type of AR and I want to do a kind of indicator that make users able to understand exactly where the 3D object will be placed. I follow that method is trying to send a ray cast from the center of the camera and trying to handle the position where the ray cast collides with the surface plane but when I also couldn't find how it is named surface collider. I would appreciate If you may help me with this point. Thank you for your help.

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answered Jan 19, 2023 by kenn (18,750 points)
An indicator is just one type of 3D object. What you need is a pure content logic.
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