Camera from Rokid glasses

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asked Aug 31 by smolvik13 (120 points)
We are building a project with Unity where we have a mobile android phone and connected Rokid Air Pro glasses to this phone. We are using 4.5.0 SDK. We need to get a video from glasses camera and make image tracking with it.  
We used "ImageTracking_Targets" sample, it can see the glasses camera and it can switch to it but it doesn't render any picture from camera and shows a black screen. Tried to change camera settings but it didn't help.

Then we used "Camera_CustomCamera" sample. It shows picture only from main camera of mobile phone. We tried to open plugin and change camera id in this plugin, but it didn't help.

Then we tried to use "Eyewear_DeviceHasNoTracking" sample. We used this old documentation
We enabled invision.sidplay_mode-vr for Android Platform. Then we changed DeviceModel in scriptable objects in "Resources/Parameters..." folders to match our device Models. In the end, we only have a pink screen, cannot see anything, even objects and any UI on the scene.

Is it possibple to somehow show a video from eyewear camera and make image tracking with it? Would appreciate any help very much!

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